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Online mentoring

Helping you to find yourself

Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut? Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, grief or bereavement? My goal is to guide you through life's challenges, providing personalised support and online mentoring to help you achieve a fulfilling and empowered life.




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Invest in your wellbeing

Together we can talk you through your obstacles, create a plan, and overcome your challenges. Recovery is all about the journey, and my bereavement coaching and online support services are about creating a safe space for you to be yourself, be open about your feelings, and give you the tools to deal with everything life throws at you.



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Journey through the challenging path of loss with personalised assistance and compassionate care.

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Confront anxiety directly and cultivate coping mechanisms for a more tranquil existence.

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Conquer the hurdles of depression and reclaim the joy of living. 




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Coaching is not counselling

Where counselling is designed to give support and guidance, and has its role in resolving problems, coaching is intended to help you find support from within yourself. 

My online mentoring is there to help you ask yourself the right questions about your goals, objectives, and what's preventing you from achieving them. I cannot solve your problems for you, but with my guidance, you can solve them yourself, and have the tools to continue solving problems throughout your life.






Taking a holistic approach

Mental, emotional, and physical well-being is interconnected. With my online mentoring and coaching, you can discover how a holistic approach can contribute to overall life satisfaction. By addressing the root causes of problems, my holistic coaching promotes ongoing growth and development. In this way you can make progress not only in your career or personal goals but also in relationships, health, and overall happiness.

Find out more about this approach here: 

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Starting at £100 per session

My online mentoring can guide you in how to deal with anxiety, depression, grief and bereavement. The aim of the coaching is that you are better equipped to navigate future challenges and setbacks with resilience and self-awareness, leading to long-term success and growth.

This reward will far outweigh your initial investment, and can help to bring about profound transformation and empowerment for the rest of your life.

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All coaching is one-to-one, personalised to your needs, and designed to help you find your own way through life's problems. Book your coaching with Sam Aziz here.







Frequently Asked Questions


What services do you specialise in?

I specialise in life coaching, focusing on bereavement, depression, anxiety, and mental health.

How does the coaching process work?

The coaching process begins with an initial consultation, tailoring sessions to individual needs. I combine professional certifications with personal understanding, providing an empathetic and effective coaching approach.

How long are the coaching sessions, and how often should they be scheduled?

Sessions typically last around one hour, scheduled based on your availability and preferences. Frequency is determined collaboratively to suit your needs.

Is coaching only for individuals facing specific challenges, or can anyone benefit?

Coaching is beneficial for those facing challenges, navigating life transitions, or seeking personal development. It's a versatile and empowering tool for enhancing your well-being.

Can coaching be done remotely?

Yes, I offer remote coaching and online mentoring sessions through various online platforms, providing flexibility and accessibility for all my clients.

How do I book a coaching session?

Booking a session is easy. Utilise the Calendly plugins on the website to schedule an appointment that suits your availability.

What should I expect from my first coaching session?

The first session is an opportunity to discuss your goals, challenges, and expectations. It's a collaborative process where I start to know you better, and together, we'll start outlining a plan for your coaching journey.






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